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Knights of Columbus


St. Henry Church proudly announces the formation of St. Henry’s Council of the Knights of Columbus. For years, Father Francis had longed for and dreamed of introducing the members of the parish to the life and activities of the Knights of Columbus. Towards the realization of his dreams, he thought it wise to take the first step by becoming a knight and then inviting members of the parish to “taste and see how good it is”. Guided by the District Deputy of the Knights, Mr. Lou Cimaglia, he went through the various stages and attained the Fourth Degree Life membership.

Responding to the invitation by Father Francis, the District Deputy and three fellow Knights came to St. Henry on a feasibility study on November 11, 2008. They met with some parishioners who expressed a desire to join or had been members elsewhere before coming to St. Henry. A similar meeting again took place on December 2, 2008. Then on December 13 and 14, 2008, the District Deputy, accompanied by several fellow Knights including the Color Corp, landed at St. Henry Church on a recruitment drive. They were visibly present at all the Masses that weekend. The Lord blessed their efforts and they “netted” enough to begin the major process.

January 6, 2009 will remain a memorable day in the history of St. Henry’s Council Number 14698. It was on that day, at 7:00 PM, that the potential members were inducted into the First and Second Degrees. Others who joined them in this initiation came from neighboring Councils. Present at the ceremony were members who had been Third and Fourth Degree Knights from other Councils seeking to transfer into the new council in making. The freshly initiated and these transferring Knights merged to form the new St. Henry’s Council. The District Deputy was delighted. We now have more than the number required to begin a new Council. He presented the list with personal recommendations to the Supreme Council.

On February 1, 2009, the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus issued a proclamation signed by the Supreme Knight and the Supreme Secretary establishing St. Henry’s Council. The message was communicated to us and was published accordingly:

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT (Father Francis gets his wish)

I received a call from the Supreme Council just a few minutes ago with the following good news......St Henrys Council 14698 has been instituted.

This would not have been possible without the help and support from Brother Knights Don Vettorel, Tom Neale, Gary Morvel, Ron Harper, Harry Whitford, Gene Bergeron, and John O'Toole. A special thank you to Father Francis whose support made possible the easy time we had in recruiting new members. I thank the Brothers of the New Council for their enthusiasm and help in accomplishing this special event. Thank you to Insurance Agents Bob Bent and Bob Gitto for their help.

I will keep you informed as to when we will be installing the New Officers and the Charter presentation. When this occurs I ask that all Councils make every effort to attend this Very Special Event.

Congratulations Father Francis and Thank You again for your support and prayers.

Vivat Jesus!
Lou Cimaglia, DD57

The current officers for 2011/12 for Saint Henry’s Council 14698 are as follows:

  • Mike Cherup, Grand Knight
  • James Fragnito, Deputy Grand Knight
  • Augusto Maldonado, Chancellor
  • Leo Murphy, Treasurer
  • Brad Gaughan, Financial Secretary
  • William Grimm II, Recorder
  • Alvaro Vasquez, Advocate
  • John Fanning, Warden
  • Ignatius J. Porzio, Inside Guard
  • Chris Comerford, Outside Guard
  • James Pockey, One-Year Trustee
  • Frank Willard, Two-Year Trustee
  • Pasquale Fragnito, Three-Year Trustee

If you would like to join Saint Henry’s Council 14698 please contact Mike Cherup at 954-240-4238, mcherup@comcast.net

Saturday, April 25, 2009 was the memorable day we were waiting for. It was the day that saw the installation of the officers of the new Council and the presentation of the Charter by the District Deputy assisted by the Knights of the color corps and other distinguished Knights. Present also to grace the occasion were the wives and friends of St. Henry’s Knights and the wives and friends of invited Knights from different Councils and other guests. Dinner and show followed the Installation and presentation of The Charter. Inscribed in the Charter are the names of the foundation members, thus:
Rev. Francis A. Akwue Rev. Samuel O. Muodiaju Rev. Fidelis I. Nwankwo  
Bruce A. Augello Leonard N. Augello Jason W. Bates
Kevin Bolender Richard A. Calabria Andrew Cavallo
Michael A. Cherup Ralph D. Chiocco Federico J. Cornejo
Christopher Comerford Daniel J. Falvey John W. Fanning
James Fragnito Pasquale Fragnito James B. Gaughan
William E. Grimm II Paul W. Hochbrueckner Jeffrey J. Latour
Gerald J. Laverly III Thomas J. Lawler Shota Lomidze
Augusto Maldonado William C. McBride Andrew P. Moll
Joseph Patchen James J. Pockey Ignatius J. Porzio
John A. Rugani Alvaro Vasquez Gregory G. Vogelsang
Frank J. Willard    

The following were installed as the officers of the new council:

Pasquale Fragnito, Grand Knight
Bruce Augello, Deputy Grand Knight
Augusto Maldonado, Chancellor
Alvaro Vasquez, Treasurer
Richard Calabria, Financial Secretary
Shota Lomidze, Recorder
Jason Bates, Advocate
Mike Cherup, Warden
James Gaughan, Inside Guard
William Grimm II, Outside Guard
Ralph Chiocco, One-Year Trustee
Chris Comerford, Two-Year Trustee
James Fragnito, Three-Year Trustee

St. Henry’s Council was born almost half way into the cycle of elections and change of guard by the Knights of Columbus. To fall in line with the general practice, fresh election of officers was done in June resulting in the change of offices taking effect this July. Here is the change of guard:

Bruce Augello, Grand Knight
Mike Cherup, Deputy Grand Knight
Richard Calabria, Financial Secretary
Augusto Maldonado, Chancellor
Ralph Chiocco, Recorder
Alvaro Vasquez, Treasurer
Leonard Augello, Advocate
John Fanning, Warden
James Guaghan, Inside Guard
William Grimm II, Outside Guard
Chris Comerford , One year Trustee
James Fragnito, Two year Trustee
Pasquale Fragnito, Three year Trustee

Fr. Francis Akwue, C.S.Sp.






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